Upcoming Works


     DON’T LET
       YOUR JOY
               (completed; release TBD)

         In a time our country is divided and terrorists litter our planet, Mike was inspired to write a motivational book that promotes unity and kindness. Twenty-four short stories feature fictional characters who do the “right thing” for the right reasons,” characters that demonstrate strategies to help us live happier lives.

       ——  Excerpt from “DON’T LET THEM ROB YOUR JOY” ——

      “Joy can be found in countless forms whether it’s skydiving for the first time, witnessing our child being born, or a boss informing us we’re receiving a promotion. The daily challenge is dealing with people who trample our joy. Definitions of joy describe an emotion worthy of pursuing with passion.

  • “A feeling of great happiness.”
  • “Success in doing or obtaining something.”
  • “The emotion evoked by well-being, success or good fortune.”

        “Whether a person is rich or poor, a common man or famous, shouldn’t everyone strive to collect as many joyful memories as possible? Twenty-four chapters address strategies to deal with life’s hassles and complex social issues. Other stories remind us simple solutions propagate joy.”


SLAM  DUNK  (to be released summer 2018)

           (The Q&A section provides details of Mike’s current project that’s based on a half-finished manuscript that was buried twenty years in his closet. A thriller based in Wichita Falls, Texas, SLAM DUNK features a twenty-eight-year-old woman determined to seize control of her life in a plot filled with “mob hits” and espionage).
        Depressed she’s allowed her life to be controlled by a rich, cocky playboy, Rebecca Anderson moves out of her luxurious condo into a dingy duplex, determined to make it on her own. Rebecca, though, can’t seem to shake her former “boyfriend,” a stock-market whiz in his early thirties. The challenge becomes even greater when she learns Frank and his infamous ponytail could be connected to two unusual deaths.
         Rebecca teams up with James Thatcher University assistant basketball coach Todd Cooper. Once they discover the two deaths actually were mob-like hits, Rebecca and Todd fear for their lives when they’re thrown into the crosshairs.
 PICK  SIX   (to be released in 2019)
      NFL owner Dylan Morrison and his security guard are murdered a few weeks after Dylan’s team, the New York Mustangs, win the Super Bowl. To solve the mystery, Dylan’s second wife, Emily, teams up with Jimmy, the nephew of the slain security guard.
      An African American businessman in his late twenties, Jimmy vows to find the person responsible to honor his uncle, who helped him escape the Harlem projects. Easy-going Emily must constantly sidestep Dylan’s first wife, Clarissa, who parlayed Dylan’s Broadway roots to launch her political career and is now contemplating running for governor of New York.