Upcoming Works


SLAM DUNK (to be released Mar. 20, 2016)
        Depressed she has allowed her life to be controlled by a multi-millionaire, Rebecca Anderson moves out of her luxurious condo into a dingy duplex to try make it on her own, but Rebecca can’t seem to shake Frank Minter and his infamous ponytail. Frank appears to be tied to a couple of strange deaths connected to the James Thacker University basketball program, a private school in Wichita Falls, Texas, with Final Four aspirations.
        In an attempt to regain control of her life once and for all, Rebecca teams up with James Thatcher assistant coach Todd Cooper. Rebecca and Todd, though, fear for their lives after they’re thrown into the crosshairs once they discover the real reason two people close to the basketball program have mysteriously been found dead amid unusual circumstances.

(to be released Oct. 31, 2016)
        NFL owner Dylan Morrison and his security assistant are murdered a few weeks after his team, the Los Angeles Mustangs, win the Super Bowl. To solve the mystery, Dylan’s second wife, Emily, teams up with Jimmy, the nephew of the slain security guard.
        Jimmy, an African American businessman in his late twenties, vows to find the person responsible, grateful his uncle years ago helped him earn a college degree to escape his tough upbringing in Watts. Emily has to constantly sidestep Dylan’s first wife, Clarissa, who used her husband’s Hollywood roots to launch her political career years ago and is contemplating running for governor of California.