“The concept/plot is awesome. I was so totally invested in the story I found myself cruising through the book. Normally, I’m not much of a reader of YA books but this one reads more like a classic mystery.”

— The Crafty Cauldron


“The story-line hooked me from the very beginning. A rich playboy lifeguard is murdered. Veronica races to find out who did it in a fight to keep the summer camp open. The plot brings to light a heartbreaking situation but gives a very positive message.”

—  Boundless Book reviews


“Even though I live in the UK, I’m a huge fan of American sports so the blurb and the cover grabbed me. Dream Killer is cleverly written, different than any mystery I’ve read before. The line: “Someone shot one of our cows” is an example of a diverse cast which keeps readers entertained until the dramatic ending.”                — The Dragon Slayer


“The main character is a strong woman who refuses to be stopped. Needless to say, she really appealed to me. I love a confident, secure female character. Male writers usually miss the mark but Mike Baldwin was spot on. The way he incorporates legacy, honor and values throughout the book is exceptional.”                      — Recca’s Pieces


“Different voices keep the reader guessing who killed the lifeguard. Can Veronica, the relentless lead character, keep the camp open to honor her friend’s legacy? A page-turner with a startling ending.”

— Fran Lewis, host of NYC radio book show


“I’m not a sports fan but it didn’t matter. The main character is impressive. You root for Veronica to solve the mystery so a camp for underprivileged kids can stay open. The dead lifeguard, an enigma, is quite fascinating.”                                       — Dodd reviews


“I commend the author for balancing a diverse cast of characters and their personalties. The environment is based on a legendary athlete’s dream but you don’t need to be a sports fan to get interested in the plot. Like all good mysteries, a myriad of twists and turns leave you guessing until the very end.”                                 — Hogwash Book Reviews


“I really enjoyed this story. Though it’s not what the camp, or the book, is about, there are more Christian references in Dream Killer than a lot of “Christian fiction” I’ve read, but it doesn’t include any sermons. Gay characters and a drunken party give something to everyone.”                                                                                  — Hott books


“The author’s descriptive portrayal of characters and settings made it easy to visualize the story. Mike Baldwin also includes some “heavy topics” which I feel is important for young adult/new adult readers.”                                      — Sage Adderly Book Tours




       “Back when I coached, I accused sportswriters of being fiction writers. In this instance, it’s definitely true. Mike Baldwin, a sportswriter I’ve known for years, has written a classic whodunit that keeps you guessing until the surprising ending. You root for Veronica, the sexy sports agent, to solve the mystery.

Barry Switzer, three-time NCAA National Champion and Super Bowl XXX champion



Krueger        “With baseball being my first love, growing up in a small Kansas town, Smashed Tater had me hooked from the beginning. Mike Baldwin captures the dream of every young kid through John “Quake” Jensen. When his career ends much too early, Veronica, his sports agent, is motivated to discover the person responsible. A story full of twists and turns. I highly recommend Smashed Tater.”                                   Lon Kruger, two Final Four appearances; has led five schools to the NCAA Tournament.